Is Mr. Porn Geek the #1 Adult Entertainment Expert?

  • Here at Jizz With Me, we're always about giving people access to the good stuff – that's why we've got thousands of free HD porn videos for you to watch and enjoy. You can trust us to give you the best experience around when it comes to X-rated videos, but what should you do if you want something that isn't tube-site in nature? Thankfully, there's a good solution to this problem and it comes by way of Mr. Porn Geek.
  • What you'll notice on this guy's site is that he has a track record of reviewing and ranking some of the hottest locations on the Internet for adult entertainment and is showing no signs of stopping in the near future. The homepage has dozens of categories to look over, including sections devoted to porn games, live webcams lesbian paysites and dating networks. But it's not just ranking that Mr. Porn Geek does – he tells you why he loves or hates a place and writes up a full report on what he saw when he visited a site. This means that you can have a little look at the best bits of whatever place is recommended to get a full understanding of why it's being promoted. According to Mr. Porn Geek, only around 10% of the sites he looks at end up getting a live review: it's competitive to say the very least!
  • Let's take an example with a review of the amateur voyeur site called Watchersweb that Mr. Porn Geek has reviewed. The page features a preview screenshot of the first-time exhibitionist website, a list of pros and cons as well as a handy written review that gives you the story with what's going on at the destination in question. You then get a direct link to the homepage of the reviewed website and a list of similar locations near the bottom that you might want to consider instead. It's a pretty fleshed out system here and the guy seems to have his head switched on – the site even has some extra sections for watching live videos and getting discount deals to a bunch of different locations. He even runs a great blog with lots of lists on the best celebrity nudes around.
  • So when you're not feeling in the mood for some stellar XXX porn videos that are available here on Jizz With Me, go take a look at what Mr. Porn Geek is cooking up – he's likely got some new places for you to check out and they're all going to be absolutely fantastic.